Admission & Withdrawal

i) The children who have completed 3 years are admitted to L-KG; 4 years completed to U-KG; 5 years

completed to STD-I and other eligible age wise to their classes.

ii) Students from L-KG to STD-I must bring their Birth Certificate. (Transfer Certificate is not needed)

iii) Students from STD-II to STD-VIII must bring both Birth Certificate and Transfer Certificate.

iv) Every student should bring their Age proof certificate – as per the Government records.

v) After filling up the form, Guardian should pay the Admission fees.

Rules and Regulations

1. Students are required to bring their school diary every day.

2. Students should reach the school by 7:15 AM.

3. Students must join the prayer assembly before the commencement of the class.

4. Students should always be neatly dressed with their shoes polished and hair done properly.

5. Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean.

6. Students are advised to make use of dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper.

7. No student should shout or whistle in the school premises.

8. Students must take care of school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on walls, etc. will be

dealt strictly. Students shall reimburse the cost of any school property damaged by them.

9. Students must look after their belongings. They are advised not to bring costly articles to school. The

school shall not be responsible for any article which may be lost or stolen.

10. No student should bring mobile phones in school.

11. Parents are not permitted to visit the classroom to meet their sons/daughters.


1. Asthmatic Students should always keep inhalers with them while in school.

2. Students suffering from chronic diseases should inform the school authorities about their ailments at

the time of admission.

3. School will not be responsible for any contingencies related to the same.